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Building systems integration

Landlords, property management companies and facilities managers all need to satisfy the needs of their current tenants and create a plan to meet future building requirements. At the same time, they need to achieve their cost-efficiency goals and be compliant with environmental sustainability legislation.

More and more, intelligent buildings are the seen as the answer to all these objectives. Their ability to integrate operational processes provides a better user experience, with reduced costs and environmental impacts.

An integrated building system from GCL will provide you with a one-stop resource for controlling all aspects of your building from a single, easy to use interface. You will benefit from:

  • Significant energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Enhanced property value
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Environmental sustainability

Intelligent buildings depend on having an infrastructure capable of supporting the convergence of IT and facilities, one that accommodates the growth of ‘bring your own device’ and works with higher-powered network devices. It must also provide security and insight into every aspect of building operations, including occupancy, temperature and other key metrics.

If you are considering an integrated system, you will require industry leading:

  • Robust and reliable cabling infrastructure
  • Easy to use control systems
  • Outstanding security systems and access control
  • Facility management tools
  • Bulletproof Wi-Fi
  • Compliance with current legislation
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We will use our expertise in structured cabling to take a number of building systems and bring them together to provide you with easy to use management systems. We will also reduce energy consumption, to make your building as efficient as possible.

If you are looking at cabling, cable pathways and equipment rooms, you are making a heavy, and long term investment.  At GCL, we understand the need to get it right first time, and therefore the considerations and initial design are paramount to the intra-structure services that they are to support.

From new builds to modernisation projects, the expert team at GCL Building Technologies are working with clients and contractors to integrate your systems, to fulfil your intelligent building requirements and offer professional advice with excellent customer service.

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