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Data Centres

All data centres need 100% uptime – guaranteed. All your clients expect you to provide them with instant access to current and accurate data 24/7, on demand and without disruption, 365 days a year. That’s very demanding, but is an essential part of the service you need provide to ensure you have happy customers.

Additionally, as a data centre, you must provide a secure, robust and reliable environment to host your sensitive (and expensive) IT systems which stores valuable data and information.

Having a high quality structured cabling system and your own dedicated electrical mains supply is critical – especially if you require Tier III status or above.

At GCL, we will provide you with outstanding expert advice on the best cabling and electrical solution for your needs (for now and for the future). Our recommendations will give a standards-based, structured IT cabling system, meeting your functionality requirements, all with built-in scalability.

Benefits of a structured cabling system and a reliable dedicated electrical system:

  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Support business growth and Tier III status
  • Improved system availability
  • Accommodates future equipment and technology

cabling wifi electrical contractors GCL londonWe will ensure your data centre is installed with the maximum options for current and future equipment requirements. This will involve designing efficient, easy to identify cable runs and connections, to facilitate troubleshooting and future changes.

From setting up a complete cabling system to modernisation and refurbishment projects, our experienced team utilise industry best practice in everything we do.

We eliminate weak links in the chain and ensure you have a resilient reliable system that will reduce the chance of downtime, making your data centre more appealing to potential clients.

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