Mains electricity & supply

Electrical Services

If you are looking for mains electrical supply services for your building or facility, you will need an experienced electrical contractor. Your requirements will need to be met with the latest in structured cabling solutions and building technologies.

Looking to the future

With legislation changing and sustainability agendas being introduced, your electrical contractor will need to look to the future in order to provide you with an adaptable and sustainable system. This will include staying up to date with the newest technologies and best practices, which at GCL this is our highest priority.

You may be required to improve your building efficiency in order to comply with new building regulations. The skills of an expert electrical contractor will be essential to achieve successful system improvements.

Work will be required on virtually every building in the UK, with demand for systems to minimise energy consumption. This will present you with opportunities including:

  • Improving building management using high-tech electrical systems
  • Retrofitting your buildings for improved energy efficiency
  • Improving your office efficiency with faster data connectivity
  • Improving you systems’ reliability with an integrated ‘future-proof’ approach


Government policy is increasing incentives for you to introduce energy saving modifications. Taking these incentives will help reduce your building energy consumption and reduce government taxation through energy efficiency schemes such as ESOS.

There will also be major changes to the way we light our buildings. One of the easiest upgrades you can make is LED lighting. This simple retrofit requires little upfront investment, and return on investment is seen almost immediately.

You can rely on GCL to provide you with cost efficient energy-saving solutions, with minimal disruption to business operations.


New-builds will also need to be designed with a stronger focus on energy efficiency, including energy generation and storage facilities. More and more, intelligent buildings are the seen as the answer to all these objectives.

Using an expert electrical contractor in the early stages of building planning will allow you integrate a number of building systems. This will provide you with an easy to use building management system, reducing your energy consumption and increasing building efficiency.

This will all require the support of an experienced, knowledgeable electrical contractor. GCL will listen to your unique building requirements, and apply the most suitable and up to date electrical system.

Our Services

You may require a range of electrical services for your new building or existing facilities. GCL can provide you with services including:

  • Low voltage wiring systems
  • Trunkings / conduits
  • Lighting / display lighting
  • BEMS
  • Modular wiring
  • Busbars
  • Power distribution units
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Floor services
  • Mechanical services
  • Intelligence

GCL look to the future, staying up to date with the newest technologies bringing you the most suitable electrical solutions. We have operated within the facilities and building industry for many years and have taken the opportunity to build a reputation for expertise and the provision of impartial advice and quality service delivery.

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