Improving building energy efficiency – starting with the entrance lobby

IMG_2831Moor House, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is one of the largest office buildings in the City of London. Since the building opened in 2005, lighting technology has moved on dramatically and Moor House felt it was time for improvement. In keeping with its modern sophisticated style, the entrance lobby at Moor House required the previously installed AR11 capsule lamps to be replaced with energy efficient lamps. The client wanted to save money and energy, but keep the same colour rendering.

GCL were contracted by Skanska to replace the existing AR11 capsule lamps within the entrance lobby. Moor House Management Services (MHMS) who manage this prestigious building for Deka Immobilien, required more energy-efficient LED lamps to reduce their annual lighting costs and its environmental impact.


The vision for a grand entrance

The Moor House entrance lobby is also used to exhibit art throughout the year. The lighting needed to highlight and accentuate the texture, colour and shape of exhibits, as well as creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors entering the building. Sir Norman Foster’s vision for the building provides the perfect setting for a successful synergy between art and business. Previously, Skanska engineers were replacing the AR11 capsule lamps every weekend, using elevated platforms to access them. Staff required further safety harnesses and equipment to reduce the health and safety risk. A better solution was required.


A multi-purpose entrance lobby creates a tall order

Moor House 6 - external - croppedAs the entrance lobby is used to display art exhibits, the timing of the work was important and was scheduled, with all parties, to ensure minimal disruption. The lighting itself also needed to provide optimised illumination to display and enhance the artwork.

  • GCL had to source bespoke LED luminaires to fit the existing apertures
  • Access to the ceiling was 9m high and posed risks to health and safety of workers and occupants
  • Disruption had to be kept to a minimum for the buildings’ users

GCL replaced the existing apertures but maintained the same illumination and colour rendering. GCL reduced energy from 40kW electrical load to 4.9kW. During this installation, they created a highly efficient ‘production line’ off site and deployed a team to work outside normal working hours to minimise disruption.


Working together for a more sustainable world

IMG_2822The result was impressive – the client now sees over 89% reduction in lobby lighting energy costs.
The client was delighted with the wide range of benefits :

  • Bespoke LED manufactured lamps, with years of low ongoing maintenance
  • Energy efficient luminaires and LED lamps
  • GCL completed the work ahead of schedule
  • Quick return on investment

GCL worked very closely with Skanska and MHMS to drive green initiatives and their ongoing commitment to a more sustainable world. The project made a positive environmental impact, in accordance with the CRC’s energy efficiency scheme.

“GCL offered a bespoke solution which has ticked all the boxes, so much so people hadn’t realised we had changed the lighting over to LED. Installation was efficient and hassle free now we burn 90w per coffer rather than 450w” Madeleine Pugh, Moor House Management Services