Fire & security

Fire & security

As a contractor, property manager or building owner, your top level priority for your organisation is the safety and security of your staff and assets. We realise your working environments are ever changing, at GCL we address real world security challenges and are well positioned to provide you with a fire & security solution that is most suited to you. It is important that an investment in your fire & security systems provide you with functionality, reliability and comply with the EU standards of fire alarm and protection equipment. GCL have the expertise to install all your fire & security systems in accordance with all your legal requirements.


Complying with National and European Laws demand that all public and commercial buildings should retain a minimum level of fire alarm and protection equipment and that it be maintained to accredited standards. This can involve a huge amount of time and resulting paperwork to ensure that these standards are met.

If you are specifying your fire systems, for maximum protection you should look for:

  • Products that are tested and approved to an appropriate standard
  • Fire and alarm systems that are tested and approved for system compatibility
  • Companies that are approved to take single point responsibility for the design, installation and commissioning of fire detection and alarm systems

Our Service

GCL Building Technologies can take of all your compliance needs.  We work closely with fire officers to install a full range of fire systems to ensure that fire is prevented or detected at the very earliest stage, to optimise the safety of your staff and assets. Whether you have a large factory or small office, our fire alarm installation service sources quality detection systems that are suitable for any residential or commercial location.

Utilising emerging and advanced technology our fire solutions encompass:

  • Automatic fire detection
  • Intelligent addressable systems
  • Smoke and heat detection
  • 24/7 fire alarm monitoring

As an alternative to you having separate data, building, physical access, security, fire and energy systems, with isolated control and monitoring environments, GCL are working towards complete system integration within the intelligent buildings concept to:

  • Identify the fire, security, IT, data and building management needs of your business
  • Discover solutions and innovations to integrate your fire, security, data and building management solutions to increase effectiveness and sustainability and reduce operational cost

All installations undertaken by GCL will be undertaken in accordance with BS 5839-1:2013 fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildingsAll our systems meet the necessary fire safety legislations and standards and moreover, can be integrated with new and existing building systems to deliver a robust and reliable system.


Over the past decade, the role of security systems has changed almost beyond recognition. These changes have been brought about by the demands of commerce, which has found that it is no longer enough to protect your property by means of an intruder detection system.

Intelligent Building Applications

GCL has used the intelligent buildings methodology to maximise the use of structured cabling for access control, video surveillance and other security systems. An intelligent building will also supplement the wired infrastructure with the use of wireless systems, deploying Wi-Fi throughout a building. We will work closely with you to take into account the layout and day-to-day operation of your building.

By utilising an existing network, for example you can now:

  • Track employees movements within one or several buildings
  • Automatically lock and unlock doors
  • View your buildings remotely
  • Find out who has accessed which files and for how long they have been online
  • Perform a “roll call” of employees after a building evacuation in order to see who is still within a building and where they are
  • Protect the data generated by encryption or by managing and tracking its access

Access Control

Although access control can allow you to dictate who has access to which areas, and within what time frames, modern systems are based upon integration. These can also integrate with time and attendance and vending systems, allowing one ID card to be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Electronic access control provides the most efficient, scalable and cost effective method of securing your building, personnel, assets and data. Regardless of the size of your business, there are a number of key benefits delivered by an access control system, including:

  • Increased general safety of staff and visitors
  • Improved workplace health and safety
  • Protection of valuable assets and data

Video Surveillance

With the expansion of the data protection act to include CCTV systems, digital recording technology has truly come into its own. By running your CCTV over an IP based network, you’ll be reducing cost, making connectivity simpler and making it easier for multiple camera systems to work together. There’s larger capacity storage, simple retrieval, export and onwards transmission, plus the ability to get up-and-running rapidly if you choose one of the wireless CCTV solutions from GCL.

The Benefits

The advantages don’t stop there. As technology evolves, GCL has used intelligent building solutions, and expert knowledge in structured cabling to ease the facilities burden and pave the way for IT solutions. IP CCTV provides:

  • Rich, detailed footage with intelligent analytics
  • A common platform that can be transmitted quickly and cost effectively to multiple users
  • Integration with other services, such as access control, intruder alarms and fire systems
  • Higher resolution and wider field of view means fewer cameras and therefore cost
  • Increased pixel count improves performance, higher resolution and better image
  • Images which are digitised once with no unnecessary conversions or image degradation
  • IP surveillance solutions, which can also support two-way audio cameras can be added and/or moved to the system without significant or costly changes to the infrastructure and no service interruption

At the basic level, your means of securing a property has moved away from intruder alarms, into the realm of integrated security systems. These are LAN or WAN based, to minimise hard wiring and the associated problems, such as, voltage drop.

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