Helping the relocation of over 500 staff and IT equipment, in just one weekend

A prestigious FTSE 100 company required an internal office move, relocating over 500 members of staff to different floors of the building in just one weekend. The company needed a carefully orchestrated relocation to improve staff working relationships and increase the number of workstations for future expansion.

Such a prestigious company needed an efficient relocation, that was going to be reliable and delivered on time. Working to the tight deadline was essential to prevent any disruption to business.


Largescale relocation? No problem!

With any office relocation, the number one priority was getting the new space up and running with no disruptions to business. GCL had to relocate the IT Network Infrastructure to support and provide connectivity for 500 workstations, ready for the next working business day. This would require:

  • Re-cabling desk telephone extensions
  • Re-cabling PC equipment
  • Patching network cables
  • Installing network and telephone connections at new desks

The relocation required good communication as GCL collaborated alongside Mitie and Harrow Green. Mitie facility managed the building and coordinated the relocation/installation of workstations to suit the new layout, and Harrow Green represented the business.

GCL needed to demonstrate that the new IT Network Infrastructure would facilitate the current 500 staff and also accommodate future expansion. With the clock ticking before the next working day, GCL had to meticulously plan the project so that nothing was left to chance. Logistics, deliveries, storage, health and safety, staffing and teamwork were all carefully planned to deliver the project on time and on budget.


Successful planning for a bespoke solution

As well as the restricted timescale, the GCL engineers faced a number of challenges, for example it was necessary to re-connect all telephone extensions to make certain that the correct extension
stayed with the allocated staff member. Other challenges included:

  • Office still operated with a legacy ISDX PBX system
  • Rearranging the furniture to avoid disorientation
  • Relocation of IT equipment without any misplacement
  • Meticulous relocation of personal items

GCL worked closely with the client and other contractors throughout the process to maintain a well-orchestrated plan. This enabled GCL to overcome any challenges the project raised. GCL engineers audited the complete desktop and disconnected all IT equipment in preparation for Harrow Green to move the IT equipment to its final destination. They also:

  • Re-connected equipment
  • Verified telephone extension
  • Provided the network connections
  • Re-connected all telephone extensions
  • Executed the work when the office was closed


Benefits: A successful relocation!

The client achieved the relocation without any disruption to business operations. Staff were able to log-on and commence work as usual on the Monday morning. GCL accommodated additional requirements from the client that included increasing the number of workstations for additional users (anticipated for the client’s business expansion). Adding additional user workstations while GCL were present, protected the client from further interruptions at a later date. The client also benefited from:

  • Improved staff working relationships
  • On the spot troubleshooting
  • Fully compliant and top quality work

By using industry experts GCL, the client was assured of the highest industry standards, working practices in line with industry bodies such as BICSI and ISO (International Standards Organisation).

“Phil Randall’s collaborative and supportive approach to our move played a vital part in its success. The GCL team worked tirelessly to ensure our requirements were met, despite the size and complexity of the project. They were a pleasure to work with.”
Business Solutions Manager