The continuous advancement of digital technologies at a rapid rate is changing the way we work.

With stakeholders calling for increased office efficiency, millennial employees seeking improved working environments, and government legislation demanding better sustainability – your office is going to see a lot of change in the years to come.

These expectations will play an important role in shaping what form our offices of the future will take, influencing your office space from design, through to development and management.

Integrated and collaborative technologies will be at the forefront in forging these next-generation workplaces, offering improvements in productivity, efficiency and providing considerable cost savings.

And we can already see these changes happening in our workplaces today!

New technologies have already enabled a more efficient working environment. Offices can keep virtual files and have access to e-mail, improving the speed and ease of communication and access to information. This has also brought offices closer to being paperless – improving environmental objectives and administration efficiency. office environments
To ensure your business processes can become digitalised, you will depend on a reliable Wi-Fi network as the backbone supporting all your business operations. Your Wi-Fi network will be integral to any new technology introduced to your office.

Offices are now also being designed with technology in mind, which will improve the wellbeing of employees. One common expectation from today’s employees is control of temperature and quality of lighting. This is a common issue raised by employees as having a significant impact on their working environment, morale and productivity.

With the integration of building systems, employees and facilities managers can now integrate all operational processes providing a better more agile and more manageable office experience for all employees.

Controllable energy efficient LED lighting is being used more frequently as a key contributor to managing the atmosphere of your working environment. LED lighting can allow your office to reduce its energy consumption, and create an environment that fosters productivity. Mood lighting can used to improve relaxation or comfort, whilst occupancy detection and daylight sensing will reduce any unnecessary energy consumption, saving you money.


Similarly, building energy management systems are now being used to control the temperature of your office – maintaining a comfortable and manageable temperature for your employees across multiple areas and floors.

By introducing an integrated system to your office, you will be better positioned to meet the ever changing requirements of your workforce, improve your working environment, increase productivity and provide considerable cost savings.

So what does the future hold for your workplace?

Well, as millennials join the workforce, (who have grown up in a technology infused world) they will expect tech to be fully integrated into their office environment.

Along with increased integration of technology, the common change happening in offices is the need for more flexibility and comfort, allowing employees to work from anywhere. Being able to take work anywhere in the office and ‘hot desk’ whilst being able to easily connect to the network, or even work out of the office on a cloud system, will be crucial.

These changes will allow employees to work more effectively, efficiently and with higher levels of happiness and job satisfaction.

The millennial generation have grown up using technology and social media. Fostering an environment where they are able to use this knowledge for innovation, creation and collaboration will provide huge opportunities and put you in a better position for business growth. By integrating these technologies successfully you will streamline your business processes creating a better and more efficient working environment for all.

For the adoption of new technologies to be successful, you will require an IT and electrical structured cabling foundation that can allow for future changes. This will be the backbone supporting the adoption of new technologies and building management systems.

Your system needs to be flexible and ready to accommodate new technology (and they are coming thick and fast!). Put your office in a stronger position and call GCL today to see how you can improve your office environment. T: 0845 6000 919 E:



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