Intelligent buildings

Intelligent Buildings

The Concept

As a Building Owner, Designer, Contractor or Facility Manager building or renovating buildings identified as “smart” buildings, the subject of intelligent buildings may be familiar to you. Essentially, Intelligent Buildings are those in which the use of technology and process create a safer and more productive environment for its occupants and are more operationally efficient for its owners. By delivering multiple user, operator and environmental benefits, an Intelligent Building can be managed and monitored from a single, centralised control room.

A History

You may think of the concept of intelligent buildings in terms of holistic sentiment. The origins of Intelligent Buildings and Building Management Systems have roots in the industrial sector in the 1970’s, from the systems and controls used to automate production processes and to optimise plant performances. The concepts and applications were then adapted, developed and modularised during the 1980’s, enabling transferability of the technology and systems to the commercial and residential sectors.

GCL Building Technologies understand that 21st Century buildings have got to perform significantly better for you in, environmental, social and economic terms. The 6th utility – smart technology and infrastructure systems delivered by broadband  – can help significantly not only in reducing  CO2 emissions through energy management and monitoring systems and information systems that provide ‘sustainable choices’ , but it also has a critical role to play in making the buildings we inhabit fit to support their optimum performance.

Intelligent Buildings take into consideration all or some of the following:

  • Construction
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Digital Lighting Control Systems
  • Metering
  • Fire Alarms
  • Communication and Network Infrastructure
  • CCTV
  • Audio/Video
  • Access Control and Security
  • Integrated Building Management System
  • Systems Integration
  • Plumbing and Water
  • Facility Management

Modern Technology

Your Intelligent Building will require the integration of technology, building, and energy management systems. An intelligent building takes a number of building systems and brings them together to reduce energy consumption and make the building as efficient as possible.

The potential within surrounding technology is vast, and our lives are changing from the effects of Intelligent Buildings developments on our living and working environments. The impact on facilities planning and facilities management is also potentially immense. If you are a facilities manager considering premises development or site relocation, you should also consider the opportunities presented by Intelligent Buildings technologies and concepts.

Most buildings contain disparate, proprietary control systems. An Intelligent Building will facilitate the convergence of your systems to collect multiple streams of valid data, whilst greatly streamlining your business processes. IP networks will deliver the mechanism to control, manage and maintain multiple systems centrally, to increase your opportunities for information sharing and greatly enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Integrated Systems

Your Intelligent Building will require the integration of technology, building, and energy management systems.If you are considering integrated systems then the essential denominator of the Building Intra-Structure Services for intelligent buildings will involve the cabling infrastructure, control systems, security and facility management tools. This will be complemented with the use of wireless systems with WiFi being deployed throughout the building(s).

GCL Building technologies will use our expertise in structured cabling to take a number of building systems and bring them together to provide you with easy to use management systems and also reduce energy consumption to make your building as efficient as possible.

From new-builds to modernisation projects, the expert team at GCL Building technologies are working with clients and contractors to integrate your systems to fulfil all of your intelligent building requirements, offer professional advice, and an excellent customer service.

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