Enhancing the hospital Wi-Fi system – improving medical treatment and patient experience

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn wanted to extend their limited Wi-Fi to allow patients to stay in contact with family and friends, as well as being kept entertained. The hospital also aimed to encourage the use of technology to reduce paperwork and help doctors and nurses with their medical administration.

Staying current with Martha Lane Fox recommendations

The hospital wanted to follow the recommendations of the Martha Lane Fox Report (commissioned by the Government) to improve the use of online technology in the health service sector.

The Trust contracted GCL to complete the Wi-Fi enhancement as they have wide healthcare experience and are ‘BIMM’ ready. This made GCL the obvious choice, providing the hospital with an assurance that they would receive the highest quality service, compliant with the Health & Safety Care Act.


Uninterrupted hospital operations during a well-planned project

Working in any hospital, the number one priority is the safety of its patients and staff. GCL had to complete the Wi-Fi enhancement with this in mind. They needed to guarantee that:

  • The new Wi-Fi would provide a fully working site network
  • Safety would be paramount
  • There would be minimum disruption to hospital operations
  • It would be completed on time and in budget
  • Compliant with the Health & Safety Care Act

Delivering improvements

Working in a hospital presented a number of challenges that GCL needed to overcome. These included:

  • Working around staff and patients
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Potential asbestos hazard
  • 3000m of containment delivered through patient areas
  • Material requisition to specific areas

Thanks to GCL’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry, a thorough plan was implemented to achieve a smooth project. Planning with the inclusion of clinical staff was critical to ensure that work was completed during the prescribed periods that the wards were vacated. This allowed GCL to continue work whilst making sure that patient care was not compromised.

GCL Hospital wifi installation

GCL also implemented:

  • Physical safety barriers to provide exclusion zones
  • Galvanised cable baskets and trunking used at high-level for routing cables
  • Specially qualified engineers working in ceilings where asbestos may have been present

The hospital was active, with numerous patients passing through the corridors, so GCL’s experience working in busy and occupied areas was appreciated.


A successful Wi-Fi extension!

The client achieved the Wi-Fi extension on time and in budget with minimal disruption to hospital activities. GCL performed all work in compliance with the Health & Safety Care Act ensuring the safety of staff and patients throughout the project.

The hospital now has a modern, cost-effective cabling solution and will benefit from:

  • Wi-Fi connection in all areas
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connection
  • Better service for staff and visitors
  • Improved patient experience
  • Tightened security
  • ‘Future-proofing’ – adaptable in the future
  • Children on wards can access school work

By using industry experts GCL, the client was assured of the highest industry standards, working practices in line with industry bodies such as BICSI and ISO (International Standards Organisation).

“GCL have worked sensitively around our staff and patients and are not intimidated by changes to the scheduling due to hospital requirements and circumstances. GCL were highly professional in their planning and approach to the project. We will be very happy to recommend them throughout the Trusts.”
Mr. Alistair Nelson, King’s Lynn Hospital Trust Estates & Facilities