Changing lift lighting to LED to reduce energy costs

Moor House 6 - external - croppedMoor House is an imposing building (85m high) in the City of London. Its tenants include prestigious global financial institutions, with more than 1600 office workers. GCL were contracted by Skanska to replace the internal lighting within the lifts of this 21 storey building, owned by Deka Immobilien. Moor House Management Services (MHMS) who manages Moor House, approached Skanska to change the lighting in fourteen lifts, from halogen lamps to energy efficient LEDs, in order to save money and reduce energy costs. For such a potentially dangerous operation, Skanska commissioned GCL because of their unrivalled reputation for attention to detail and health & safety experience.

This project required a fast turnaround, with all the work having to be done over a single weekend with minimal disruption to staff. As a result, the client not only reduced their carbon footprint – their annual lift lighting costs were cut by a huge 55%.


Reducing building energy usage

IMG_2848 - croppedGCL advised Skanska and MHMS that they could save 55% of their lifts’ annual lighting costs if they changed the luminaries in all the lifts of Moor House from halogen to LEDs. The luminaire housing was inaccessible and the new ones needed to be sympathetic to the base build of the building. Furthermore, the lifts taking cars to the underground car park posed further access challenges. When Skanska contracted GCL to undertake the project, they knew they were working with a company they could trust. The client wanted to reduce energy costs and save money, but all while keeping the same colour rendering – no change in appearance.


Rising above any challenge

The project ran without a hitch due to meticulous planning. GCL planned the work around a building that is occupied 24 hours a day. The engineers worked on top of the lifts, which presented obvious safety issues. GCL were required to complete surveys in very inaccessible spaces. The other need was to minimise the time spent on-site by qualified (and expensive) lift engineers.

Overcoming all these challenges, GCL succeeded in finishing the project early, without compromising quality or safety. GCL’s expertise meant that their engineers completed the work in a third of the usual time, by pre-wiring the lights and preparing special installation kits off-site for each lift. Strict safety protocols were employed.


Results? Savings go up, costs come down

IMG_2872 v 1GCL used their experience to approach several manufacturers to source specialist energy-saving 10W LED lamps to replace the 50W halogen lamps, thereby sourcing the most cost-effective lift lighting. There were numerous benefits for the client and year on year savings from one, highly specialised project:

  • 55% reduction in energy costs
  • Completing the work ahead of schedule which saved the client money
  • Little ongoing maintenance
  • New colour rendering is consistent with the old
  • Quick return on investment
  • Excellent working relationship with all stakeholders and lift engineers
  • Adapting the existing emergency lighting system from central to local battery power supply

Skanska, Moor House Management Services and Deka Immobilien are delighted with the service provided by GCL and the savings they have made. GCL use knowledge and experience to reduce energy costs, and ultimately reduce the client’s carbon footprint.

“GCL came up with a solution which didn’t entail expensive bespoke fittings and could use the existing wiring. Working with our lift maintenance company the lights in all lift cars were successfully replaced and the heat gain problem is non- existent.” Madeleine Pugh, Moor House Management Services