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You already know that comfort, safety and savings are the advantages of an intelligent building. Your lighting installation will be one of the most important elements in terms of contribution to the best atmosphere for work, play, relaxation and energy reduction.

The importance of your lighting installation

A recent survey of Britain’s office stock say that their workplace has a negative effect on their productivity levels. In a challenging economic climate, this highlights a key area in which businesses can make improvements to boost morale and increase productivity. If UK businesses are to remain competitive, we need to ensure that we are investing in and creating an optimum working environment. Did you know:

  • Lighting accounts for some 20% of UK electricity use and consumes more energy than heating?
  • Building Regulations Part L sets maximum carbon dioxide emissions for whole building?
  • Lighting energy efficiency will apply both to the construction of new buildings and renovation of existing buildings?

Energy management

Depending on your source of information, lighting is either up to 40% of a typical commercial building electrical energy load or up to 27% of global electricity output is used on internal and external lighting. Clearly, there are large energy savings to be made in reducing the energy used in lighting. However, at GCL Building Technologies, such activity will be carefully considered, professionally designed and expertly installed to realise energy savings, whilst not impairing the performance of the lighting.

When assessing the avenues for saving energy, it should be remembered that it is not just about lowering the energy load of lamp types, it is also about improving controls over the lighting circuits and individual luminaries. Better control of the existing luminaries could provide equitable energy savings whilst also retaining the existing lighting performance, especially when tight budgets are considered.

ECAs allows 100% first year tax relief on qualifying capital expenditure, therefore allowing a business to write off the whole cost of the qualifying equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase. Each claim is subject to individual negotiation and it is recommended to undertake a tax planning exercise at the time of design.

Those installations and equipment that qualify for ECAs are available on the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) website.

Our Service

When you first meet with GCL, we will always take the time to find out what your individual requirements entail and then begin looking for solutions. After identifying the possibilities, we would discuss them with you to find out which of the solutions is the most suitable for your budget. We are aware that the requirements change. All our lighting control system solutions are capable of being modified and maintained throughout its life to protect your investment in your property.

There is also, of course, the aesthetic impact it will have on the building and its spaces, resulting in how you will perceive and react to the built environment. There is also a more practical and functional aspect of providing lighting to facilitate the work and tasks you will undertake in and around a building. And finally, we must consider that your lighting will be a significant consumer of energy.

GCL will bring your project a wealth of experience on how lighting affects work, home and play which will result in a service which will:

  • Work with designers and architects to create expressive, sustainable and strategic concepts in light
  • Use natural light to enhance architecture, improve the way people feel and reduce our reliance on electricity
  • Will reflect the relationship between architecture and lighting
  • Shape solutions that are as positive for people, as they are sustainable for the environment and for businesses
  • Look at low energy in buildings, the future of new lighting technologies and the trends towards ‘smart lighting’ and control
  • Work with several manufacturers to provide the most suitable product for the application
  • Will provide LEDs to retro-fit (modernise) lighting systems in buildings

Modern developments in lighting installation

Newer technologies now allow contractors to replace HID lighting systems with LEDs, while still maintaining existing lamp fittings. This non-invasive procedure enables faster, easier installation and minimal costs. Capital costs can be recovered from savings made by the reduction in energy bills within periods of six months in some cases.

Your lighting installation will need to consider that:

  • The selected lamps must provide the appropriate amount of light
  • They must complement available natural light
  • It should be dynamic rather than static
  • The light must be functional to allow a task to be fulfilled properly
  • Lighting should be energy saving
  • The form of the light fixtures should be in keeping with your interiors
  • The lighting needs to be safe

In public spaces especially, the lighting installation needs to be fit for purpose to allow users to move safely in and around the building, in both normal and emergency conditions. There is a perception in some circles that simply replacing conventional lamp types for LED equivalents is sufficient to reduce energy. This does not always work satisfactorily and professional advice from a qualified professional at GCL would be wisely sought.

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