Are you planning to relocate your office to a new building or a major reorganisation to your existing desking? If you are, you will want to ensure that all your staff can continue working throughout the move and have fully-operational workstations from 9am on day one at their new desk.

GCL are experts in providing systems and IT infrastructure for fast relocations – whether it’s adding space in a new building across the road, or moving your entire trading floor to a different country. We work nights and weekends to ensure a smooth transition to your new location with minimal downtime. We can even relocate your office in just one weekend.

Moves, Additions and Changes (MAC’s) also provide an ideal opportunity to upgrade your supporting technology, so that everyone in your office can be as efficient as possible. This is the moment to improve your cabling to give you super-fast connectivity to the Internet and outstanding telecoms – ensuring high productivity from all your personnel.

Additionally, you can upgrade the lighting for a better working environment and reduce your energy costs at the same time.

Your moves, adds, and changes, with GCL’s expert advice and help, can give you:

  • Super-fast Internet connectivity
  • Outstanding telecoms
  • Reduced lighting and energy costs
  • An improved working environment
  • Fully compliant, and future-proof electrical systems and cabling
  • Low-maintenance, easy-to-use bespoke systems

With careful planning this can all be implemented whilst your staff continue working. Whether you are a commercial organisation, busy hospital or flourishing college, we will use our structured cabling expertise to ensure your new facility has the optimum IT and electrical systems. These will be your IT ‘backbone’ that enables the effective delivery of your services or your business growth.

Our cabling experts will work closely alongside you and your relocation team, from planning stages through to implementation, to provide seamless integration with all your current systems. We aim to make your relocation as smooth as possible.

GCL relocation services include:

  • Re-cabling desk telephone extensions
  • Re-cabling PC equipment
  • Patching network cables
  • Installing network and telephone connections
  • Relocating critical electrical infrastructure including UPS & comms rooms
  • Rearranging furniture & moving equipment
  • Auditing of desktops

Working closely alongside our clients from start to finish, we ensure your relocation requirements are met – on time, on budget, with the optimum solution for you.

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