70% reduction in running costs by energy efficient lighting & control systems

IMG_2847GCL were contracted by Skanska and Moor House Management Services (MHMS) who manage Moor House. The stairwell lighting of their prestigious building needed to be changed from twin compact fluorescent lamps to energy efficient LEDs, with added motion sensor lighting. The new LED lamps would save the client money and also reduce the environmental impact. The project had to be completed with strict time constraints and adhere to strict health & safety policies.


The steps needed to be taken

Moor House is one of the largest buildings in the City of London, providing offices for global financial companies. There are some 1600 office workers in the 21-storey building and two stairwells which were illuminated 24/7, so this was a large-scale project.

Stairwell maintenance is vitally important for health & safety of the occupants in the event of an emergency evacuation or when lifts may be out of service, such as in the event of a fire. It was crucial that the stairwells were always illuminated to ensure building regulation compliance. The task was to reduce the buildings energy consumption but retain excellent lighting and therefore safety in the stairwells. The client required:

  • Compact fluorescent lamps to be replaced with low-energy LED lamps
  • Motion sensor lighting, so that the lamps did not have to be illuminated 24/7
  • Highly reactive and reliable Doppler radar microwave movement sensors
  • To keep the same colour rendering in sympathy with the Norman Foster architecture

At the same time, the client ultimately wanted to significantly reduce power consumption and reduce their carbon footprint in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility policies.



Safety comes first, 24/7

Part of the safety consideration in working in stairwells is that they must be kept clear at all times. This presented some logistical and planning challenges. The engineers had to keep the stairwells as clear as possible during the project. At no point could the stairwells, be left without illumination. GCL also had to ensure the engineer’s safety. They would be working at height, in an occupied building within the building’s evacuation routes.

Solving the problem

Moor House 6 - external - croppedThrough meticulous planning, logistics and support a project plan was devise to meet all health & safety consideration whilst still completing the project on time. GCLs long experience at structural cabling, electrical supply and Building Energy Management Systems allowed GCL to deliver the project smoothly, safely and without disruption.

A permanently illuminated 1W LED were installed above each of the exit doors

  • High sensitivity microwave sensors were installed on each half landing, which activates the stair luminaries immediately to ensure safe egress
  • GCL engineers worked 24/7 to minimise disruption
  • All stairwells were kept clear throughout the project in case of emergency


Results? 70% reduction in running costs!

GCL met the challenges head-on and excelled at the task. Moor House tenants now benefit from a reduction in running costs and quick return on their investment with the new high quality LED Luminaires. Deka Immobilien is delighted with the huge reduction in running costs achieved by GCL’s solution. This reduction was accomplished by using low-energy LED luminaires, reducing “lighting on-time” from 24 hours to 2 hours average per day and a low maintenance system.

“Trying to find a solution to the fire escape lights was challenging, GCL provided the solution which has proven to work effectively and saves energy, we look forward to working with GCL on future energy saving projects!” Madeleine Pugh, Moor House Management Services