Increased office efficiency … from an electrical refurbishment?

Yes, really! Read more to see how this was achieved at Stratton House, a Grade II listed property located within the Mayfair Conservation area in central London.

A global private financial institution required the complete electrical and structured cabling refurbishment of an entire floor, prior to relocating their offices into the historic building.

The client required a meticulous plan, enabling the refurbishment to be completed on-time and on-budget. Working to meet the relocation deadline was critical in order to allow the client to move into the refurbished floor without disruption to business operations.


Delivering high-speed data connectivity & smart lighting system

GCL knew it was essential to complete the refurbishment on time, whilst maintaining a high standard of quality, allowing the new tenant to move in and commence business operations immediately. The refurbishment required a reconfiguration of an existing lighting system, more accommodating client meeting rooms, and high-speed data connectivity at all workstations.

The refurbishment project required detailed communication as GCL collaborated with CP Electronics to incorporate and extend the existing lighting system. The client needed a guarantee that:

  • Energy usage would reduce with a design from GCL
  • Work would be completed by the relocation deadline
  • Company operations could continue alongside refurbishment


Expert planning for a complete electrical refurb

gcl cabling london electrical contractingThe client had to delay the project start by three weeks, however the end deadline could not be moved. This meant GCL had to ensure the project was planned in a way that would complete the refurbishment quickly, whilst maintaining quality standards. Additionally, other floors were fully occupied which meant that noise restrictions during office hours were put in place. This meant that an increased number of trades were on-site at any one time.

GCL were faced with challenges including:

  • Collaborating with various contractors on-site
  • Suppliers delivering to particular times
  • Relocating existing uninterruptable power supply (UPS) without disruption to company operations

GCL needed to intensify the work completed within the restricted working hours. To compensate for this, GCL responded effectively by supplying additional expert manpower to ensure the project’s completion. This allowed GCL to:

  • Schedule deliveries to arrive when materials where needed
  • Coordinate with other contractors to increase efficiency
  • Move existing UPS on the weekend of relocation

GCL also installed energy monitors reporting to the clients headquarters as part of a global monitoring strategy.


A quality refurbishment, completed on time!

The client achieved a full electrical and IT refurbishment without any disruption to business operations. By moving the client’s existing UPS in one weekend, GCL made sure staff were able to log on and commence work as normal on Monday morning. The newly installed CAT-6 telecommunications system provided the client with faster connectivity throughout the office.

The financial institution now benefits from:

  • Smart, impressive client meeting rooms
  • Increased office productivity
  • Peace of mind that the work was fully compliant and of a high quality

By using industry experts GCL, the client was assured of the highest industry standards and working practices, in line with industry bodies such as BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) and ISO (International Standards Organisation).

“We were very pleased with GCL on this project, delivered on time, in budget and with outstanding results. This can only be attributed to GCL’s professionalism in their understanding of our requirements, active listening, and their innovation & flexibility. Their proactive approach has led to another successful project completion.”
IT and Facilities Manager