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Structured IT Cabling

If you are responsible for the delivery of IT and communications support for your business or organisation, you will know how critical structured IT cabling is for its efficient delivery. With increased digitalisation in the work place, your offices are becoming more dependent on high-quality Internet access and outstanding telecoms.

As a result of this digitalisation, to maximise productivity, it is essential that your IT systems provide superfast and uninterruptable transmission of information and data, with minimal interference.

The latest high-quality structured IT cabling will make your systems more reliable, more efficient and easier to use. GCL will assess your building plans or existing IT system to ensure that you receive a fully integrated and compatible IT cabling system.

Structured cabling provides the ‘backbone’ for all business critical and data services throughout the building, including:

Intelligent buildings will require the same structured cabling standards for information technology and utilise the same cable types. This gives you an opportunity to:

  • Reduce the number of cable contractors
  • Share cable pathways for efficient cabling
  • Monitor all building systems easily
  • Reduce the coordination needed from the main contractor

Your intelligent building will depend on having an infrastructure capable of supporting the convergence of IT and building facilities, and provide insight into every aspect of building operations.

Whether you require an end-to-end solution for a new build, or the improvement of an existing system, GCL have the expertise to install a cost-effective cabling solution to provide you with an integrated ‘future-proof’ IT system.

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