GCL London Temporary Site Services

Temporary Site Services

For your construction site, reliable power, plumbing, lighting and security is crucial to keep your site working safely and efficiently.

Your temporary site services provider needs to install a solution that works for you, and provides continuous support as your site expands.

GCL will provide you with complete site services that will ensure your staff are safe and your project can progress on-time.

Our temporary site services include:


Your building site needs to have reliable power, wherever it is required.

With reliable and safe site-wide power, your project can progress effectively and safely. This will improve the speed and efficiency of your construction projects, no matter the size.

GCL have the necessary plant resources and experienced engineers to design and install a temporary power system that will help you achieve:

  • Reliable & safe site-wide power
  • An adaptable power supply
  • Maximum productivity and efficiency
  • A cheaper power solution
  • An energy efficient power solution

With a 10k VA transformer system, GCL will supply power to all your site cabins, including: offices, canteens, drying rooms, stores, toilets and cement silos.

By hiring a transformer system from a trusted temporary site services provider, you can avoid unnecessary costs from purchasing new equipment. Our expert team will set up your temporary power supply quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get on with your important construction project.


During winter months, or even for tight deadlines, sometimes your builders will have to work in the dark.

Your site lighting needs to be reliable and safe, across your entire site, so that your builders can work safely and effectively.

GCL install a number of temporary site lighting to help you achieve this, including:

  • PIR time & energy saving lighting systems
  • Flood lighting for improved security
  • Emergency lighting for safe evacuation in the event of power failure

GCL strive to provide you with the most cost and energy efficient solution that will also provide you with the best lighting coverage.

Our smart lighting systems reduce energy consumption by automatically turning off when they are no longer in use. We also use energy efficient LED lights to save you money and reduce your site’s energy consumption.


Working site welfare is ctirical for your construction site. Your staff need to have access to toilet facilities and water 24/7.

GCL will design and install a water and drainage system to keep your site operating safely and effectively.

Plumbing needs to support site-wide water distribution for:

  • Drinking water
  • Silo supplies
  • Water jet washing
  • Catering facilities
  • Toilet facilities
  • Standpipes


The security of your site is of critical importance, not only for the safety of your staff but also to protect your important assets on site.

With the latest temporary CCTV and fire alarm systems you can:

  • Increased health and safety
  • Reduced amount of false alarms
  • Better security for staff and assets
  • Operational insights for increased efficiency

GCL will install a complete site-wide fire and security system, covering your entire perimater with:

  • Supply CCTV monitoring systems
  • Responsive flood lighting
  • Battery operated fire alarms
  • Turnstile access control for clocking in and out

You can even monitor the security of your site from anywhere at any time with any smart device.

GCL can design and install your complete temporary site services and provide the ongoing support that ensures your projects have the necessary foundation to progress effectively and safely.

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