Our Accreditations – What They Mean to You

ISO 9001 Quality Management

cabling and energy saving systems london iso9001

ISO 9001 is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System. ISO 9001:2015 promotes the development of continual improvement, risk reduction, customer satisfaction and traceability through the implementation of various management system processes. Clients will benefit from the regulatory requirements necessary to meet your expectations every time.

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety

BS OHSAS 18001 sets out the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety management best practice. GCL utilise this framework to implement policies and procedures that ensure we bring the highest level of health and safety to everything we do. By achieving Certification to the OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard we actively demonstrate our ability to identify risks and reduce them. You will have the peace of mind knowing safety is at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring that Health and Safety is integral to the successful completion of your important projects.


CHAS are trusted advisors, setting industry benchmarks for health and safety. As member, we are able to ensure our health and safety standards and systems are industry leading by complying with standardised requirements and legislation. You will receive the highest quality service with a safety assurance.


BICSI is a professional association supporting the advancement of information and communications technology and cabling design and installation. This keeps us at the forefront of cabling standards, providing you with the most appropriate, cutting edge cabling solutions.


BIFM is the professional body for facilities management. As a member, we are able to stay up to date with industry changes, best practice and expert insights, allowing us to remain industry leaders in electrical and structured cabling solutions. You will receive the best products with the highest levels of service.


The Certified Network Cable Installer program is the industry standard certification for network cabling, providing the very latest information on the preparation and installation of cabling. This enables us to follow the correct cabling standards, following industry recommended codes of practice to provide an expert service.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

GCL are now working with the supply chain sustainability school to improve the sustainability of UK buildings. The School represents a common approach to developing sustainability competence in the supply chain. This allows us to deliver sustainable installations and management solutions helping you improve the sustainability of your buildings.

ISO 14001 Environment Management

building cabling energy saving systems london iso14001

ISO 14001 is the environmental management standard that provides practical tools to help us provide environmentally friendly and sustainable operations and solutions. ISO 14001:2015 is a standard of requirements which clearly defines and establishes controls to reduce your company’s environmental impact as a result of our everyday operations. Targets and Objectives must be defined and legal requirements met in order to maintain compliance to ISO 14001:2015. Through approaches such as audits, communications and life cycle analysis we focus on ensuring our processes and your projects meet environmental requirements and responsibilities.


Constructionline is a government run scheme that provides information and assurance that we have met health and safety standards. As a member we can provide you with a detailed Pre-qualification Questionnaire demonstrating the measures we take to ensure we meet the latest health and safety standards and practices.


The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) is the UK’s leading trade association providing support and information to electrical installers, designers, maintenance contractors. This allows us to assure our clients that we will deliver the highest calibre of work possible and are supported by an organisation that ensures we are performing at the ultimate level of industry standards.

Electrical Safety Register

The Electrical Safety Register is a register of Government approved electrical experts, which aims to raise awareness of electrical safety in the home through regular assessments. This means our electricians are subject to meeting the highest standards and ensures our continued professional excellence.


The EcoXpert program aims to bring innovation and collaboration to pioneer the future of intelligent buildings. As an EcoXpert member, we are certified in the fields of power management, building automation, light and room control and data connectivity. This allows us to deliver solutions that achieve sustainable success.

FIA (Fibre-optic Industry Association)

The FIA promotes the highest standards of service within the fibre optical industry, providing the latest specialist information and support services to members. This allows us deliver the latest expert fibre optical solutions that gives you confidence that you are dealing with the best.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

The Code of Considerate Practice commits those sites, companies and suppliers registered with the Scheme to care about appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and value their workforce. This means we take care in providing a service that is safe and pleasant for everyone involved, from site workers to the general public.