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Relocating and providing the infrastructure to support 4,500 employees

Relocating and providing the infrastructure to support 4,500 employees

After securing a new lease on their buildings, GCL’s client sought to modernise their buildings, supporting their company vision of providing modern facilities and further delivering health and wellness benefits. Completing the initial phase of a 2-year project, GCL have provided equipment and infrastructure to support 4,500 employees.

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GCL’s client required a partner to support them over a 2-year period as its two buildings are completely refurbished. The initial phase required the decommission and safe disconnection of all equipment and services in the first building to be refurbished. During this period all employees will be housed in the second building. In the second phase of the project, GCL will relocate all employees into the first, completed building whilst the second building undergoes the same modernisation.


The building required to house the organisation’s 4,500-strong team whilst the first building underwent its refurb, needed to be an agile environment. GCL set up every desk identically. Each desk had the same screen set up, VoIP phone system and universal docker.

Meanwhile, in the first building, GCL engineers decommissioned the existing infrastructure, removing this from the building. Later in the year, following the refurbishment, GCL will be required to install new infrastructure, power and comms room.

On completion of the 2-year project, both buildings will boast state-of-the-art workspaces, configured around flexible, open-plan, collaborative workspaces, which will also enable employees the ability to book their desk from an app.


A long-term trusted partner for the duration of the project, who understands the strategic vision that needs to be realised. GCL is known onsite by the client’s team and works as an extension of their team to deliver each project milestone.

The client also benefited from;

  • Universal workstation setup
  • The productive floor plan arrangement
  • Covid-19 working set up