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Repurposing an Office Space to Incorporate Well-Building Ideas

Repurposing an Office Space to Incorporate Well-Building Ideas

Due to the downsizing of their office, our client sought to revitalise their workspace through implementing well-building practices, including completely updating their lighting system and creating a supportive working environment.

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In the aftermath of the pandemic, our client needed to consider downsizing their office space from two floors to one floor, in order to accommodate the ‘work-from-home’ hybrid scheme being offered to employees. Seeing this as an opportunity, they wanted this downsizing to create a more vibrant office environment that would encourage co-working and collaboration between colleagues.


Primarily, GCL replaced the 55-Watt Fluorescent luminaires with 30-Watt LED luminaires; the illuminance of which was enough so that we could reduce the overall number of installed luminaires.

This lighting operates utilising wireless ZigBee Mesh Bluetooth protocols where the occupancy sensors are supported with a 10-year battery life and are controlled remotely through a mobile App.

This facilitates the option for Facilities Management to control the luminaires if required.

GCL also installed wireless switches within the meeting rooms to provide additional on, off & dimming control as required.


Through the reconfiguration of the lighting scheme from fluorescents to LEDs, GCL were able to increase the client’s energy efficiency by 40%!

On top of this, the 'smart' nature of the sensors, and the setting of the luminaires via the smart mobile application allowed us to decrease the output of the LEDs to 85% allowing for further energy saving.

The installation of these services also took place with minimal disruption to employees; clients were able to leave the first-floor offices on Friday and return seamlessly to a completely revitalised space on Monday.