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UCL Network Maintenance

Repairing critical network connections – all year round

For your university, a good network connection is critical for student and staff activities! Your educational organisation needs to be able to accommodate the needs of all personnel – all year round. No one wants to see unhappy students!

A working, efficient structured cabling system is the backbone that supports all your university processes. This includes your network connections and telecommunications – essential for academic studies!

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Quick response expert maintenance – 365 days a year

UCL is one of the UK’s top 10 universities, supporting approximately 11,000 staff and 38,000 students – that’s a lot of people to disappoint if the network goes down! Therefore, the prestigious university requires continual structured cabling maintenance for over 200 buildings to avoid such a disaster.

UCL depend on a knowledgeable structured cabling contractor to work closely alongside their network team. Liaising with university facilities managers, faults in the system are identified by the UCL infrastructure services team, and passed on to GCL to perform all structured cabling repairs.

Maintenance requirements include:

  • Liaising with UCL to confirm fault fixes
  • Repairing faults with minimal disruption to users
  • Installation of additional structured cabling

It is critical staff and students have reliable access to the university network for academic studies.

Ensuring happy staff and happy students

When responding to maintenance calls, GCL need to:

  • Respond within 48 hours
  • Work within restricted hours
  • Guarantee identified faults are corrected

As work needs to be completed in lecture theatres, communal areas and student halls of residence, GCL have to liaise closely with the university to minimise disruption to all users. No network connectivity, including Wi-Fi, would disrupt university activities and online facilities.

As you can imagine, maintenance repairs need to be completed urgently before staff and students are left without network connections. The busy environment requires expert planning and sector experience to provide quick and efficient maintenance solutions.

GCL have provided UCL with an excellent service over the past 16 years. Their engineers have extensive knowledge of UCL’s complex campus, making maintenance more reactive and time efficient

Minimising network downtime for 49,000 users

To ensure staff or student downtime is minimised, GCL guarantee a response within 48 hours to fix the faults identified by UCL’s infrastructure service team – but we’re usually there the same day!

These include:

  • Cable performance testing
  • Replacing damaged cables
  • Replacing telecommunication modules

Liaising with UCL departments and student hall managers, GCL complete maintenance work during timed appointments, minimising disruption to students – both asleep and awake!

Once a reported fault is corrected, connectivity will be link tested and verified. The ticket is then closed, ensuring compliance with the Service Level Agreement.

Expert year-round maintenance for reliable network connections

The client has been using GCL as their preferred telecommunications contractor for more than 16 years to carry out their maintenance support. UCL depend on GCL’s quick response and extensive knowledge to fix system faults with minimal disruption to university activities.

The client benefits from:

  • Reliable network connections for all users
  • Improved connectivity across the campus
  • Improved campus efficiency