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UK Data Centre

Helping achieve Tier III status by complex electrical supply to data centre infrastructure

Data centres use a four tier system to provide a simple and effective means for identifying different infrastructure designs and associated service levels to their customers. In order to achieve Tier III status, the UK Data Centre needed to upgrade their incoming electrical supplies to satisfy the Tier III standards on ‘uptime’ and the risk of power outages. In short, better electrical resilience and reliability. In order to achieve this, complex mains supply work had to be undertaken and connected to the low voltage power network which supplies the data centre.

Experienced cabling and electrical services were therefore needed. GCL were the obvious choice, being fully accredited electrical and structured cabling engineers. GCL also work in collaboration within their industry bodies and are also highly experienced in Data Centre requirements. This broad electrical and intelligent building expertise gives GCL the experience to manage all types of complex electrical works and data cabling works, as well as building management systems.

We were impressed with the both the advice we received from GCL and the quality and expertise of the delivery. They successfully negotiated all of the inherent risks of working in a live data centre to achieve the desired outcome.

UK Data centre client

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