Helping an elite City law firm save 60% in energy costs with modular luminaire LED retrofit

A distinguished law firm resides on twelve floors 72,000 M2 in an impressive building in the City designed by Sir Norman Foster. GCL were contracted by Skanska to provide a more energy efficient lighting system. The previously considered proposal was to remove the luminaire and transport them to a factory for modification, before returning them. GCL identified that this would be costly and time consuming with potential for damage to the luminaires.


Requirements: reduce building energy usage

GCL advised Skanska that by replacing the existing 80W fluorescent modular luminaire with a bespoke LED retrofit, the City law firm could save 60% in energy costs.

The project had a number of specific requirements to ensure there was no disruption to business activities. GCL needed to find a solution onsite to save time and all work needed to be completed at night to ensure there was no interruption to users. This needed to achieve the 60% reduction in energy usage, reducing the law firm’s carbon footprint.


Providing a solution with effective ingenuity

The project presented a number immediate complications that GCL needed to overcome. They had to design a retrofit solution because access was difficult – the luminaire housing was integral to the construction of the ceiling and return airflow system. Moreover, the emergency lighting utilised a closed protocol 110volt central battery system. Until GCL arrived, a solution had not been found to utilise this central battery system, as a result the existing emergency luminaires were left unchanged.

With an estimated 10,000 luminaires within the building, GCL solved this by designing an emergency retrofit that met BSEN 12464 and was CIBSE LG7 glare compliant. GCL worked with partners to design a retrofit LED gear tray that could be quickly installed in situ by highly trained engineers.

Installing the LEDs onsite meant the client:

  • Saved road transportation CO2 emissions
  • Prevented product damage in transit
  • Saved time

The gear tray was tested with a photometer and produced the following results: 5000 lumen source output, 36 Watt system power consumption and 93 lumens per circuit Watt. GCL’s engineers were then able to utilise the existing 110volt circuitry and install a new 55W PLL lamp adjacent to new LED circuit boards. The emergency lighting was successfully designed with the central battery system. The new process was expedient – a complete floor being replaced within two weeks.


Results? Savings go up, costs come down

The client was delighted with an incredible 60% reduction to energy costs. There are even more savings to be made with a number of luminaires being dimmed. This not only saves energy, but enhances the ambience too. As the entire installation was changed to LED there is aesthetic continuity throughout.

The client has benefited considerably:

  • At least 60% saving in energy costs
  • LEDs compliant to building regulations
  • Very little or no maintenance required
  • Fast ROI for the client

“We use GCL as our main electrical supplier and sub-contractor as they go above and beyond their competitors with their planning, execution of works and aftercare plan.”
Mike Rowlands, Skanska