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Ways that you can incorporate LiFi into your smart home?

14 June 2022 | Industry News

The development of wireless technology has been drastic in recent years. It has been implemented into homes, offices and even in aviation. In addition to this, wireless technologies have enabled us to be more efficient and smarter with buildings. From construction, through to everyday heating we can implement tech to be better on the environment.  

How does LiFi differ from other forms of wireless technologies on the market? 

19 May 2022 | Industry News

LiFi is a mobile wireless technology that uses light to transmit data whereas most technologies that are more familiar to us such as WiFi, 4G and 5G use radio frequencies. 

GCL Feature in the April/May 2022 edition of the Business Edge Publication

28 April 2022 | Insights

GCL are delighted to feature in the Sussex Chamber of Commerce, Business Edge publication, page 24. GCL's Managing Director, Phil Cottrell discusses the impact the workplace has on our daily lives and the ways in which we can build a better working dynamic as we all return to the office.

Repurposing Buildings to Improve Wellbeing

25 March 2022 | Industry News

As people around the world return to their offices, the impact workplaces have on our daily lives is being measured with increased frequency – and scrutiny.  Throughout 2021, policymakers set their sights on opportunities to advance and support health and wellbeing in buildings and organisations. And this focus looks like it’s only going to get stronger this year, and beyond. 
Electric Vehicle Services

EV Services

22 February 2022 | Company News

As a business, our core offerings are centred around sustainability and creating greener ways of generating and storing energy. The demand for EVs in the UK is set to skyrocket with the country’s pioneering laws aiming to become carbon-neutral. Get ahead of the curve and install your EV charger system with GCL.   
Smart office infrastructure

Smart Offices: Crucial Developments for Post-Pandemic Workspaces

11 January 2022 | Industry News

The importance of smart office infrastructures following pandemic lockdowns and the changes required to achieve effective and efficient modern workspaces.   The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that working remotely and from home is achievable – even for large corporations with offices spread across the globe.
modern office

ESOS Phase 3

17 November 2021 | Company News

With legislation and government schemes constantly changing and updating, you need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure you remain compliant. And, you can make considerable savings in the process!  There’s an opportunity for you to do just that today:  ESOS phase 3 has started!   

GCL Feature in the October/November 2021 edition of the Business Edge Publication

09 October 2021 | Insights

GCL are delighted to feature in the Sussex Chamber of Commerce, Business Edge publication, pg 27, sharing our thoughts on protecting the planet. With a consistent expansion of energy efficient and low carbon products and installations, GCL are expanding our team of electricians and data engineers to continue to influence and implement critical change.

GCL Feature in the August/September 2021 edition of the Thinking Business Publication

26 August 2021 | Insights

GCL are delighted to feature in the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, Thinking Business publication, pg 20, detailing how to prepare your office to create and maintain a safe environment as staff return to work post COVID-19.