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ESOS Phase 3

With legislation and government schemes constantly changing and updating, you need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure you remain compliant. And, you can make considerable savings in the process! 

There’s an opportunity for you to do just that today: 

ESOS phase 3 has started! 


ESOS participants have the opportunity to be auditing for the 3rd compliance period already. 

By starting work on your ESOS compliance audit today you can: 

  • Help the planning of your energy audits 

  • Minimise disruption to business 

  • Minimise potential problems 

  • Potentially reduce costs 


If you qualify for ESOS, there is no obligation to start on phase 3 right away, but there are numerous benefits to doing so. Plus, as the reference period for your ESOS report should be 12 months including the qualification date of 31 December 2022 and deadline of 5 December 2023, the reference period ends on 6 December 2022. 

With the start of phase 2 of ESOS you can now: 

  • Start working on your energy audits 

  • Identify remedial actions and recommendations 

  • Start saving money and energy 


Make sure you carry out your audit to check you are compliant with ESOS regulations and in the process you are likely to save yourself money and energy at the same time. 

If you identify areas where remedial actions can be taken or recommendations are given with a compliance audit, call one of our energy saving experts today to see how we can reduce your tax liabilities and ensure the changes you make work for your business. 

There are always energy saving modifications and technologies that you can introduce to save you money! Call our knowledgeable team to see how we can help you make these changes today, and take a look at our case study to see how we helped Moore House reduce their lobby lighting energy costs by 89%. 

GCL have extensive experience providing a range of energy saving services to all sectors. Our expert team will work closely with your business and use your ESOS compliance audit to determine the most efficient energy saving solutions. 

ESOS Phase 3

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