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3D Inventory

Innovative Management for Buildings

GCL’s 3D Inventory Service uses augmented reality (AR) technology which augments physical environments onto a mobile device screen by overlaying them with digital content. Each location within your estate’s portfolio is scanned to create a digital twin. Points of interest (POI) are added using positional optical character recognition (OCR) creating a 3D, digital inventory.  A mobile device pointed at the area of interest within a building will immediately provide the relevant data. When co-workers need help, they can be assisted remotely.  Keeping a digital inventory of your real estate and assets offers you simple and immediate access to your location data and will optimise your facilities management and service processes.  


Connecting Digital and Physical

The Virtual 3D-model of a physical asset, also often called Digital Twin for Operations, can serve as a bridge that connects the physical and digital world. It’s set up to represent the structure and behaviour of a piece of equipment or a building. The primary common use case normally is to remotely monitor and manage systems previously only accessible in person. This proactive approach helps head off problems before they even occur, prevents downtime, and enables collaboration from different stakeholders. GCL can make it possible to use this Digital Twin as an infrastructure for accurate Indoor Navigation, data, information and interface access and visualization in the real physical environment based on your position and pose, using Augmented Reality. With a 3D Inventory you can remotely retrieve the following workplace information:

  • Asset topology, maintenance and condition
  • Real-time information and IoT-data
  • Analysis and visibility of your assets
  • User manuals and much more


With a collaborative platform it is easy to view, discuss and resolve issues via smartphones, resulting in the following:

  • Avoiding mistakes due to step-by-step guidance
  • Reduction of wasted time and resources
  • Better and faster decision-making
  • Fewer mistakes and rework
  • Better quality and compliance Improved safety.


Cost Efficient, Low Intrusive, Easy, Fast and Accurate

 Hardware Free:  Using the latest visual positioning technology provides precise and robust navigation without any necessary hardware installations on-site.  Remote Access: Remote Access to the Digital Twin and data and information connected to the points of interest (POI’s) created. Data visually connected to the actual location saves time by facilitating faster decision-making processes.   Multi-Platform: Can be utilised across multiple operating systems such as iOS and Android devices and administered from any operating systems internet browser like Windows, Linux, Mac etc.   Saving Time and Resource to Saving Money: Digitise your assets, understand your real estate and adopt a proactive approach to maintenance and IoT.



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