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Energy Storage & Electric Vehicles

As part of the target made by the UK Government to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to be net-zero by 2050, they have recently announced that from 2030 all new cars and vans powered solely by petrol or diesel engines will be banned in the UK. The UK is the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050 and become carbon neutral. 

Sales of electric vehicles are increasing, helped by the success of companies such as Tesla. However, to reach the above target's, growth of these sales will have to be enormous, and this is where the problem lies as the UK currently does not have enough electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The result will be a huge demand for home/commercial charging points to cater for these vehicles. GCL Building Technologies have been installing EV charging points for many years and treat environmental issues very seriously. 

EV Charging

When it comes to installing EV Charge Points, GCL has qualified and trained electricians who will install your electric vehicle charging station to the highest possible standards. As you can appreciate, there are many electric vehicles charging solutions available to you, and the choice of different power options can often seem to be confusing. The good news is GCL are here to help you understand the benefits of each of these solutions and ensure that the electric vehicle charging solution that installed will be the right one for you. 

Smart Charging

Smart charging allows the user (be it a single user with an EV charger at their home or a business owner with multiple chargers) to manage how much energy to give to any plugged-in EV. The amount used can vary depending on how many people are using electricity at any point in time, putting less stress on the grid. Smart charging also prevents charging users from exceeding their building's maximum energy capacity, as defined by local grid capacities and their chosen energy tariff.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme is a grant from the government that provides a 75% contribution to the cost of one charge point and its installation. The grant is capped at £350 (including VAT) per installation. The main requirement is that a person owns, leases, or has ordered a qualifying vehicle and has dedicated off-street parking at their property. 

See UK Government advise below:

Microgeneration and Battery Storage Systems

Microgeneration refers to the small-scale generation of electricity by homes, small businesses, and communities. This means anyone who installs solar panels or a domestic wind turbine on their property is involved in microgeneration. This type of electrical production is carried out on a much-reduced scale than that of larger commercial power plants and typically takes place where the energy is needed.

If you are a microgeneration homeowner or small business, using a battery storage system to store excess energy will help you make the most of the electricity generated by your solar panels or wind turbines. Using a Battery Storage System minimises the amount of electricity your home/business needs to draw from the grid, making your premises more self-sufficient. The stored energy can then be used during the evenings or on days with poorer weather, which can further reduce your electricity bills. There are also options to sell excess energy stored in the battery system back to your energy supplier; this is called Feed-in Tariffs.

You can find out more by looking at the UK Government link below:

GCL Building Technologies always offers you impartial advice when it comes to your microgeneration, and Electric Vehicle charging point requirements and options. Being qualified Electricians who are members of the Electrical Contractors Association gives you further assurance that all our electrical work is fully warranted and protected by the ECA warranty scheme. (for more details see our Electrical section) We can install fully compliant solutions from the UK's leading manufacturers in a variety of locations, including homes, offices, education, and health premises throughout the UK.

GCL, are resellers of the following leading manufacturers of EV Charging and Microgeneration systems

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