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LiFi (Light Fidelity)

What is LiFi?

LiFi is a mobile wireless technology that uses light to transmit data. Technologies that we are more familiar with such as Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G use radio frequencies. With a forecast of over 75 billion connected devices by 2025, Wi-Fi will not be able to cope. 5G has limited penetration through walls, and the rest of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum is already allocated.  A new technology, called Light Fidelity (LiFi), is offering a remedy to these congestion issues and has virtually unlimited bandwidth. LiFi will become a supplementary technology when used in conjunction with Wi-Fi, which will provide resilient and robust wireless networks, that will be capable of handling many more devices than is currently possible over existing Wi-Fi networks.  The technology is supported by a global ecosystem of companies driving the adoption of LiFi that is ready for a seamless integration into the 5G core.


How does LiFi work?

LiFi uses a visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit data; in other words, using light to transmit data signals. So, by adding a LiFi switch into a communication equipment rack, the existing LED lighting system is transformed into a communications network. It’s predicted that phones, tablets and laptops will soon all be equipped with LiFi functionality and visible light communications will co-exist with Wi-Fi. 

Devices that use radio frequency communication require radio circuits, antennas and complex receivers. LiFi is much simpler, using direct modulation methods like those in low-cost infrared communication devices. LED light bulbs have high intensities and therefore can achieve very large data rates.  We have seen the evolution of light in the past 20 years. It is one factor that is essential in delivering an intelligent building, smart city or smart country. We have transitioned from Halogen or fluorescent lamps to digital LEDs, and we now see the second phase into IP based lighting using the same cables used to connect your PC to a network.

Why choose LiFi?

Environmental Impact: With the geopolitical needs to reduce greenhouse emissions, save and reduce energy costs, and reduce landfill waste from the throw-away model, the need for IP based LED lighting is at the highest it has ever been and meets the demand by meeting every need possible.  Speed: The final frontier will be the use of IP based lighting to transmit data at near 6G speeds seamlessly without interference or not-spots using Li-Fi. This new technology is going to shape the future of not only the lighting industry but also the telecommunications industry as it will provide wireless communications at over 10Gbps (not Mbps) in the near future. Security: As we become a more wireless connected world, security is a factor that must be at the forefront. LiFi is significantly more secure than other wireless technologies because light can be contained in a physical space. Our doors and windows can be shut, and physical barriers and adjustments can be implemented to contain and protect the light. We can create the conditions that allow us to shut the door on our wireless data.Existing security protocols for encryption and authentication can be leveraged in LiFi systems to provide even more secure wireless systems. pureLiFi is developing the security components and technologies that enable security specialists to deliver more secure wireless communications.


pureLiFi are recognised as leading experts in the global technology scene and have now secured deals with the US Army Europe, who have expanded their use of this cutting- edge technology due to its reliability for the most critical of communications.


We are already using technologies throughout our homes, businesses and lifestyles that utilise radio frequencies. LiFi can enhance and evolve these areas of your life:

- Smart Homes: will enable simple, secure, reliable and robust wireless communications. Users can intuitively understand the best coverage locations by simply seeing the light.
- Enterprise Wireless Solutions: LiFi can be used for daily work, conference streaming, remote desktops and video. This provides an enhanced user experience with robust security.
- Virtual and Augmented Reality: Offers faster speeds, lower latency and interference-free wireless communications.
- Autonomous Transport: LiFi is an ideal technology to complement and augment current wireless technologies used for Autonomous transport and cars.
- Industry 4.0: enables reliable real-time monitoring without adding to interference management issues often seen with radio frequency in industrial 4.0 environments.

GCL can help you consider all the wireless options and emerging technologies that are available today to enable you to get the best option for your long-term needs. We were one of the first companies to offer wireless over 20 years ago and our experts have extensive knowledge of all wireless possibilities available today. 


GCL’s wireless experts have extensive experience in providing Wi-Fi and mobile solutions for education, health, commerce and private sectors. Our industry-leading accreditations show that we meet the required professional standards in everything we do, and we will always offer you impartial advice to make sure you get the best wireless service. 


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