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Structured IT Cabling

Your network cabling infrastructure is no longer about just providing connectivity for your IT systems, it is the footing of a modern building management system (BMS). Therefore, choosing the right cabling infrastructure provider for your business is critical.

Choosing the right company will provide you with a resilient, future-proof, high-performance cabling platform, designed to meet your present and future requirements.

GCL has over 23 years of experience in network cabling.

Many vital services, that, in the past, used their own separate cabling systems, are now designed to run over your standard network cabling infrastructure. Examples of a few of these services are IP phones, IP security systems, environmental monitoring, occupancy detection, smart LED lighting systems, and many more.

With the Internet of Things (IoT), the aspect that most devices have in common is they are connected to the internet and to one another, which, using sensors, machine to machine (M2M) communications and analytics, helps us to create smarter homes and more intelligent buildings.

Most of them will use your network to communicate; therefore, having a well-designed network cabling platform is now more critical than it has ever been. Many buildings’ essential services will be using it.

Below is a short video from Siemon, one of our network cabling manufacturers. It shows what is achievable today using a well-designed Network Cabling System.
ConvergeIT - Intelligent Buildings

Without a well-designed network cabling platform, none of these devices will work at their optimum levels. As experts, at GCL, we strive to understand your organisation’s needs, requirements and future so that our team can create a network cabling platform that will be perfectly designed to meet your requirements.

GCL specialise in the following:

•    Cat 5E through to Cat 8 network cabling 
•    Data centres
•    Fibre backbones, multi-mode and single mode
•    Fibre to the home (FTH)
•    High-performance wireless services
•    Intelligent buildings 
•    UPS systems for networks 

We can provide independent advice and will always offer the best options for our customers. We also work with the leading manufacturers of structured cabling and can offer fully warranted systems with up to 25-year System Warranties. Our partners are:

Training and Apprenticeships in Network Cabling

Our teams are Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) qualified. This qualification has become the industry preferred certification for network cabling engineers. We also have employed apprentices under the Network Cable Installer Apprenticeship scheme, thus helping young people to obtain trade qualifications.

More than just cabling, we also offer:

The benefits of all these services being available from GCL means not only does it save you time, but it is also more environmentally friendly. 
Do not just take our word for it; see what we have achieved!

Our vision is a future where building services and IT services are converged, using high-speed, low-voltage data networks all on one cable platform. GCL have experts in electrical installation and networking infrastructure, including wireless and smart building technologies.

With years of experience working in large offices, universities, hospitals and data centres, GCL understands the importance of causing minimal disruption to business activities while undertaking projects.

Our team of experts approach each task with careful consideration, ensuring your business operations continue to run smoothly for the complete duration of the project.

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Talk to us about your requirements today

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