Electrical Contracting

Electrical Contracting

As a main contractor, builder or developer, you will require an electrical contractor that meets all your technical requirements to best-practice standards: reliably on-budget and on-time, every time. If you are looking for an electrical contractor that adds value to your projects, through use of expert knowledge then look no further! We will ensure that your projects are delivered cost-effectively, meet your brief and exceed your clients’ expectations.

From new-builds to modernisations and renovations, we will work closely with you to ensure the integration of all your electrical requirements into one seamless solution. This includes:

  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
  • Super-fast Wi-Fi
  • Mains & electrical services
  • Low voltage wiring systems
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Efficient modular wiring
  • Smart building systems
  • Fire & security systems
  • Cat 5 & Cat 6 telecommunication systems

We will work directly with you in the pre-build stage of construction, and with building services’ contractors on site, to deliver professional, on time and on budget building infrastructure solutions. We are knowledgeable in delivering low-energy, carbon-efficient solutions for your clients, using the latest technologies.

All commercial buildings now need to have high-quality Internet connectivity as standard – we can deliver a ‘bullet-proof’, end-to-end solution for you (whether wired or Wi-Fi or combination).

Additionally, you will want electrical systems which allow for the adoption of new technological advances as they arise (and they are still coming thick and fast!) – so it is essential that your electrical infrastructure is built with this in mind. Our systems are built to be ‘future-proof’, allowing them to be easily adapted to meet your future needs.

With extensive experience in new builds, modernisation projects, refits and relocations, our team utilise industry best practice in everything we do. We are ‘BIM’ ready and will ensure your system is compliant with the necessary UK and European laws.

Our team at GCL consists of knowledgeable, highly-trained individuals, each with exemplary cabling and electrical skills, combined with many valuable years of experience in providing building system solutions. Our services are delivered reliably, on-time and on-budget.

Contact us now: London: 020 3906 6070 or Kent: 01892 576 950 or email us at sales@gcl.uk.com for more information.